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Ever since I upgraded from hf4 to hf2017 the software is noticeably less responsive, which manifests itself in:

- the software taking a longer time to start up
- importing files making the software unresponsive
- file reads timing out and showing error messages
- increased rendering times

I am working from an ssd so such things should not even be the case. This problem is persisting from switching to 2017 and even before the last that was meant to fix performance issues. Now hitfilm is barely usable for me as files tend to time out almost all the time. 

What information do you need in order to find what is causing the problem?


  • CleverTagline
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    The first thing to check is whether or not your system meets the minimum specs.  If you could share your CPU, RAM, hard drive, and graphics card details, folks here can tell you where your system stands.  Also, make sure your graphics card has the latest drivers.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @Vroomreacts first thing, what is the exact version of Express you are using? We fixed some performance issues in the latest update.

    Having your system specs would also help. Don't forget what OS you are running.

  • LouisV
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    The same here, but not all of the time. Slow starting up and importing takes a lot of time. Restarting the computer most of the times solves the problem.

    Hitfilm 2017 Express

    16 GB
    Win10 Pro
    GTX 1060 3GB


  • CedricBonnier
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    @LouisV If you click on the logo at the top left, what is the exact version number? Eg 5.0.6614.39737 or 5.0.0094

  • LouisV
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    I have version 5.0.6614.39737 (update 6).

    I think the lagging has nothing to do with Hitfilm, but rather with my second HDD. I have a Samsung 512 NVMe SSD and when I am only using this one when importing files, everything is fine. Occasionally  I need files from my HDD and then the problems occur. Starting with a project that includes files from HDD (I know I have to group them, but when I am trying things out...) slows Hitfilm sometimes down. I am pretty sure that the response time of the HDD has something to do with it. I Googled and found out that a lot of Win10 users have the same problems (nothing Hitfilm related). I changed my energy settings, no sleeping, turned on indexing etc. but the damn thing shuts itself off after a certain period of time and it obviously needs some seconds to wake up, hence the delay with Hitfilm. I am only working for 2 months now on Win10. Before I used Hitfilm Express (not the 2017 version) on a Asus laptop I7-3630QM, 12GB, 256 SSD and 2TB HD and I never encountered any of these problems. 



  • Vroomreacts
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    edited July 2017

    CPU: Xeon W3520
    RAM: 6GB
    hard drive: Crucial M500 + Samsung HD103UJ
    graphics card: GTX 950


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