How to track rotated video clip and tracking stops?

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I have a video clip I recorded on my iPhone. Looking back, I should have done it in landscape mode but I didn't. So I brought clip in, rotated it and now want to track it. Problem is when I try to track it, it rotates the clip back out of landscape mode. So I figured I'll just track like this and figure out how to rotate it back later. Problem is when I try to "track forward" it stops after a few frames. Then I have to press the track forward button again, and again, etc...

I'm obviously doing something wrong so any help would be appreciated.

How can I permanently rotate clip and track it that way? I tried saving as its' own Comp but that didn't work because tracking isn't available. Do I have to render out a new movie file with the clip rotated and then bring it back in? Also, why does tracking stop? I tired using double points but that didn't help either.




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    After playing around a little I've come up with this. 

    I brought movie clip into Comp and rotated it. Then when I went to track it, it  re-rotated it back to original position. I just tracked it like that. I then  added Point layer and assigned tracking data to Point Layer.  I then switched back to main Comp viewer and the movie file was back in its rotated position and tracking data was applied correctly. 

    The only issue is the stopping of the tracking. Not sure why it does this. 

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    I haven't done much tracking, but it partly depends on the quality of the footage.  I've seen some comments here and there that cell phone footage can be tough to track.  With what little tracking I've done, I've had mixed results.  Sometimes it goes smoothly all the way through, other times it stops after just a few frames, and I've got to keep clicking the button for it to track all the way through.

    What's in your footage?  Was it shot indoors or outdoors?  If indoors, what's the lighting like?  I can see low light being an issue for any tracker, whether the footage is from a cell phone or something else.

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    It was actually of my son, chest up, so I could do the Ironman HUD tutorial with his face. The biggest issue was my not-so-steady hand while I was recording. Also, he made  a couple of quick head turns which I think gives tracking a problem.  I was finally able to do a quick and dirty version of the HUD tutorial with my son's face. I learned a lot doing it (from all my mistakes) and hope to do a much better version in the future. 


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