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I am trying to create a white plane with an internal shadow. I cannot seem to get the effect I'm looking for. I have screen shots of the effect I want and how I created it in AE (with Alpha matte of the bottom layer)  but can't seem to duplicate in HF. I have gone through all the set matte settings and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.




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    Hitfilm order of operations is different from Ae. Ae Track Matte reads the source layer after effects have been applied. Hitfilm filters that use source layers read the layer before effects are applied. 

    In this case, your blurred plane should be an embedded composite shot. Or, put your blurred plane under a grade layer under  your not blurred plane (with a black plane making a new background, right above the grade) and use the grade layer as the Set Matte source. 

    Either embedding the comp or using the grade layer bakes in the blur effect. 

  • CPestoCPesto Website User Posts: 45

    Thanks Triem23. Comping the blurred square and moving effects with the layer did the trick. Thank you!

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