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After a lot of BSoD (blue screen of death) I restored my tablet to a previous state. This had as a result to lose all my applications (also hitfilm)  I reloaded it, how can I load the new session with the features I bought and include in the old one?  


Alexander Vayionis 


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    Go to the Menu at the top right of this web page and select "Account" from the drop down menu. From there you'll probably want to go to "Manage Activations" and make certain you've deactivated you previous install. From there you can also get your serial number.

    In Hitfilm, go to the "File Menu," Click the Options Button and go to the Activations Tab.

  • Dear Triem23, you mean to deactivate my existing account or the new one?  ( and there is no such an option as "manage Activations" you probably mean   "View activations". 

    Do I have in anytime to use the "log out" option  (if I must, should I do it in my existing or in my new one?). 

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    All Ex.

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    First, you have to deactivate your first install which was on the tablet before you reset it. You do that by going to, and click View Activations. Now, you get a page with all of your downloaded software and versions that you have. Go to the version that was on the tablet and click Deactivate.

    Now, install your software if you haven't already and go to the File tab. Go to Options and go to the last tab called Activation. There you should be able to insert your serial code which again can be found at the page where you deactivated your software.

    Hope that helps,

    Regards, Jamie aka Film Empire

  • I wish to thank you, my friends. 


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    Oops sorry Alexander, I missed this post a couple days ago. Fortunately Jaime came in and clarified things. :) 

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