Having 2 Editors

If I am editing a project on 2 computers and transfer the clips across, do the clips have to be in the same place on both hard drives or do they just need to be the same clips?


  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,255 Staff
    If they are in different locations, then you will need to re-link them after switching to the other machine.
  • Robin
    Robin Posts: 1,659 Enthusiast
    Don't know if it helps, but you can use relative locations rather than absolute, so as long as the clips are in the same place relative to the hitfilm project HitFilm will find them.
  • Triem23
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    What Robin said. Make your life a bit easier. Create a folder for each project, put subfolders in for all your media assets. Even if you're using stock, library or repeated elements, copy them into the project folder before import into your project. This will make your life a lot easier when you transfer between computers, back up projects, and it will absolutely save you if you go back to something a year later.
  • Would it make any difference if one computer is a pc and the other is a mac?
    And would one copy of hitfilm being ultimate and one express cause any problems?
  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,255 Staff
    Being cross platform makes no difference, but moving from Ultimate to Express will be a problem.  A project saved with Express can be opened in Ultimate, but a project saved with Ultimate can't be opened in Express, as there are lots of tools and options in Ultimate that Express doesn't have.
  • K thanks, that helped alot.