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How do I insert written questions? I videotaped eight different people being interviewed. Each was asked the same five questions. My client wants each of the five questions to appear in silence prior to the interviewee speaking.
1. How do I construct the question? (Composite Shot?)
2. How do I get the composite shot onto the Editor Timeline?
3. How do I give time to this still image? (four seconds)
4.  How do I copy the question so I can use it for the next person?
If someone has a link to a good tutorial please share! Thanks. 


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    PS. I'm a volunteer. My client is simply the person who asked me to do this.

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    1) Yes, the native text in Hitfilm must be created in a composite shot. The background can be transparent if you want to overlay the text over video.

    2) Just drag it (the composite) from the media panel to NLE timeline like any other media. Or drag it into another composite. Composites are effectively video media like your camera video.

    3) Many answers here depending on what you are trying to do. For media on the NLE timeline just size it to the length you want. Same for a composite timeline but often here you want the still media to last the duration of a composite so your composite is probably already sized to the time length you want.

    4) If the text/composite is the same, just drag the composite from the media panel to the NLE timeline in the new location desired.

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    How to add Text, give it a time length, and drag it onto timeline? I can help you with that part.

    Go to 5:45

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