Duplicating comps without a connection

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Lots of times I'll make a comp just to add a short subtitle to a video, then realize later that I need to do it again so I just duplicate the first one to make it easy and change the text. But then I go back and see that the text has changed in both of them. Is there some way I can duplicate a composite shot and keep it separate from the original?


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    Yes. You have to duplicate the Text Composite in the Media Pool. This creates a true copy. Make your life sane, rename them as you go. 

    Duplicating the layer creates an "instance." The difference is an "instance" is a "pointer" to an original file. Whereas copying in the media pool creates a copy of the "original file," so to speak. 

    You will have to drag the new comp as a new layer. 

    BTW, you can right-click and save a Composite Shot in the Media Pool and save to disk. You can load a Composite Shot into another project. 

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    That's where I make my duplicates, in the Media panel.

    Yeah I like saving to disk for some things, Like a series of YouTube videos, I made a comp for the end card and load it up for every "episode".

    Edit: Oh wait  I think I might have made a duplicate, didn't change the name, then dragged the same one into the timeline. lol Good rule of thumb to change the name first.

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