How do I add fire?

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how would i go about adding fire so it looks like its behind the bars in the old rock furnace?furnace


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    I suspect you'd have the fireplace above your fire footage and then use matte on the spaces between the bars so the fire can be seen.

    Probably a bit more to it to make it look good/natural but that's the basics in a nutshell.

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    Don't forget you would also have to add illumination to the interior of the building that would be created by the fire. otherwise it will not be convincing. I think the description above really covers it otherwise. Multiple layers and masking is the way to go. use the flicker effect to create the flickering of the fire in the fake illumination inside the building. 

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    Definitely masking and a few layers of fire elements. I would also head over to and check out the rock/stone textures. @EricMatyas has some excellent stone wall textures that would be perfect as a new interior.

    You could use Curves to change the color to something orange like so it looks like it's illuminated by the fire.

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    Unless my phising detector is numb along with my knee, this is most likely a malicious link.

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    @tddavis - you're correct, I have removed the post with the offending link. Thanks for the heads up!
    @timboggs you've received some great feedback here - be sure to let us know how you get along :)

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