Assassin's Fall (a micro thriller)

JCouche Posts: 11


Not all projects turn out the way you want or expect.  When my recent attempt to make an action thriller imploded in on its own ambition (problematic shoot), I didn't want to let the team's hard work go to waste.  So I cut the footage that WORKED into a micro thriller.

Looking at the finished (salvaged?) film, I can honestly say that I took more stylistic risks that I may not have taken had I stuck to the original vision of the film.


  • Hudson982
    Hudson982 Posts: 19

    Cool stuff. Blood spilling scenes are terrific.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,069 Ambassador

    Nicely put together. Also, way to take a problematic shoot, refuse to trash it, and make it work as well as you can!

    My one nit is the blood (to my eyes) came out a little too red, since you've got so much green in your grade. However, I'll assume that's deliberate and that you wanted it to "pop" more hyperrealistically than realistically. :-)