[ANSWERED] Ignite Express is NOT for HitFilm Express??

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Hi all,

I am not sure I understand if Ignite Express is for HitFilm Express?? If so how I can use it?


  • JMcAllister
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    Ignite Express means you can use some effects from HitFilm Express in other software. That is all.

    It does not add anything to HitFilm Express, since all the effects in Ignite Express are already in HitFilm Express.

  • lostcowboy
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    Hello, could you change the web site, to more clearly state that if you have only Hitman Express 2017 installed on your computer you should not download and install Ignite Express 2017. If other people are like me they saw it was free, and was thinking it was extra effects that could be used in Hitman Express 2017. The only reason I became aware of this is a comment somebody made on a YouTube video. I will uninstall this from my computer as I have none of the other listed editing software. I am sorry I cost you the expense of the download.

  • inScapeDigital
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    @lostcowboy We're not going to tell people what they shouldn't download. The 10 compatible programs that Ignite works with are listed first thing on its page; HitFilm is not one of them.

  • lostcowboy
    lostcowboy Website User Posts: 12

    Well what you do with your web site is up to you. But there is a photo freeware program called irfanView that is a small download. That gives you the basics, then you have to download the plugins to get all the advance stuff. Not to worry they are both free, its just thats the way he designed his program. Two downloads.

    I was under the impression that's what you guys were doing, and that's why I downloaded both programs. If when I downloaded the Hitman express 2017 it had said Ignite express 2017 is included in the hitman express 2017, there is a good chance I would not have downloaded it.

  • Palacono
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    It wouldn't take much to add something to the Ignite Express download page page like "Not required if you already and only have Hitfilm Express, as all the effects are included in it, and more besides"

    But,  good luck even finding the Ignite Express page since the last refresh, as it's not accessible from the front page at all.

    You have to go Top Right>Menu>Ignite Express.  They forgot the "Beware of the Leopard" sign. ;)

  • bjarneds
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    Just downloaded and installed it with the exact same expectation: That it would add additional effects to HitFilm Express.

    You said in a comment above that "The 10 compatible programs that Ignite works with are listed first thing on its page". Well, the page lists 10 icons (which if you don't have any of these programs may not mean a lot to you - it could be icons representing various effects). Only when you hover the mouse over the icons does it tell you the program names (but there is nothing to indicate that hovering the mouse over them provides additional info). And even if you happen to hover the mouse over them, it still doesn't explicitly say that these are the (only) programs that Ignite works with.

    Only when you have downloaded and installed it, and presses View Help, does it explicitly mention a list of compatible hosts.

    I agree with the others - you could be more explicit before downloading.

  • valvehead
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    inScapeDigital  Read this - I'll even waive my £450 daily minimum consultancy rate for the advice on customer communications, trust and humility:

    We all appreciate the opportunity to obtain a free, comprehensive and high quality product. However, we're not idiots. It's a loss leader also designed to encourage us to eventually upgrade and pay. Fair enough.

    As lostcowboy, Palacono and bjarneds state, it's not clear that HitFilm Express contains all of the Ignite Express content. I too was also confused at the difference between HE and IE and ended up wasting time looking for an explanation, installed both and couldn't understand IE it just had a splash screen when run.  

    Your response was:


    February 2018 Flag
    "@lostcowboy We're not going to tell people what they shouldn't download. The 10 compatible programs that Ignite works with are listed first thing on its page; HitFilm is not one of them."

    This reply is just rude.  It says, "We don't care if you're confused, suck it up" 


    Here's my response to that:

    "HE is a good product but I don't like you. You're rude. You obviously don't care what I or other customers think or feel. This free version is just a ploy to fish for money. I'm going to delete it and try elsewhere".

    Result? YOU LOST MY TRUST: You lose customers because you damaged the trust they gave you = Low chance of a future Pro sale + negative social media ripple effect.


     Here's how it could read:

    February 2018 Flag
    @lostcowboy Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention and I am sorry our content has caused confusion. I agree, the difference between HE and IE should be clearly stated, that HE already contains the IE content and there is no need to download IE as well, and that IE is intended as 3rd party plugin for other compatible programs as listed on the IE page. I will ensure this is taken care of ASAP.  and welcome any further comments on this and o other issues. 

    Result? I would think, "No worries! Sure, we all make mistakes. I like this guy, he's willing to help and make things right. I know that if I try HE and I'm stuck I can trust him to help." = Higher chance of a future Pro sale + positive social media ripple effect.



    You're not selling a product, you're offering a solution, through a relationship,  to another person, who is willing to exchange money for certain benefits. That relationship is based on trust and credibility.   


    I hope this helps...

    Happy New Year

    Gary Bradley PhD



  • Palacono
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    @valvehead I suspect you're wasting your time. All his posts are variations on "Sucks to be you."  As an anti-ambassador for Hitfilm and the company: 10/10.

  • GrayMotion
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  • GavinBarker
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     Hi @valvehead, we really appreciate your feedback, as well as the feedback of others on this thread. Your alternate response was open and accommodating and we'll make sure to take it on board for the future!

    Interestingly enough we may have the opportunity to update the site shortly, so we'll make sure to keep what yourself and other have said in mind!

  • Millersj
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    It was interesting to find this now. I have a new client who wants me to expand my video production and I was shopping for paid versions of software. I'd used HE before with good results, although equally confused about Ignite integration / exclusion. The "sucks to be you" tone is making me reconsider where I should allocate funding for future projects.

  • OliThompson
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    Hey @Millersj, this is quite an old thread which I've now closed, but to clarify, Ignite is a plugin pack that contains most of the effects that come with HitFilm ready to use in alternate software.

    If you're after the effects in Ignite Pro and want to use HitFilm, you'll simply need HitFilm Pro (which also comes with a whole load of other effects that you can't get in Ignite) :)

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