Time line jumps from SecondX:29 to next full second

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Hi all,
I have the problem that HitFilm 2 jumps from each second and 29 hundredths to the next full second without skipping any room of the timeline. This occurs in all new projects, even without footage. How can I fix it?



  • Robin
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    This is expected behaviour, as the last two digits of the timecode do net represent hundredths or milliseconds, but frames of the video. So you are working with a project that uses 30 frames per seconds, then frame 29 is the last frame of the first second, and the next one will be the first one of the second second, which makes HitFilm jump to 01;00 and starts to count the frames again. I don't think you can view the timecode in milliseconds, but you can view it in absolute frames by right-clicking the timecode and choosing display as frames.