Dragging footage around editor timeline often causes a crash

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edited June 2017 in HitFilm

 Had 8 crashs in the past 4 hours working in HF17.  When i drag footage along with linked audio  from one part of the editor time line to another it crashs from time to time. I Get a spinning circle and its frozen.

And its not giving me the option to recover when i start up again . So unless i save every other moment i am losing the edits i have made. I found Hitfilm4 to be far more stable in this regard. My system is up to date and above the required spec.


  • Ady
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    @Alchemist - Sorry you are having trouble with the software, are you sending the reports to us as I do not see any reports from your account?

    I'm guessing you are having to force quit the application? If that's the case, then that would explain why we don't see nay reports from you.

    I know you have stated that you are above spec, but could you please detail your full system specs for me please?



  • Rogyrue
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    Hi Ady thanks for the reply . My fault  I forgot all about the slide tool i started to use that and not had a crash since .

  • karma
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    Still, you should send a bug report because many of us would do the same thing - as almost all video editing software allows you to move clips around the timeline for 'what if's' without a specific tool to do so.


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