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So I was trying to upload the file that I got when editing my mp4 video on hit film 4 express, but everytime I tried to upload it youtube says its not compatible. Please tell me how to fix this and make it so that I can upload it to youtube. Im a beginner at video editing .


Operating system:windows 10

cpu: intel core i7

Gpu: EVGA geforce gtx 1070


  • NormanPCN
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    What are you uploading to Youtube? Are you exporting your video from Hitfilm to MP4 format and uploading that, or are you attempting to upload the Hitfilm project file (HFP)?

    You want to export to MP4 and upload that to Youtube.

  • Im trying to upload the hitfilm project file HFP I dont know how to export to MP4 

  • NormanPCN
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    The Hitfilm project file is not a video file. Youtube wants video.

    The Hitfilm project file is just a list of information Hitfilm saves, for itself, to allow opening a project again at a later time.

    That is the HFU tutorial on exporting. Maybe you should checkout all the Hitfilm University tutorials.

  • Hey all so this is probably a irritating question but,what settings should i take (those settings that are given before you start editing)sothat i can upload to youtube (i currently record on :480p,2.5m,30fps,,on my phone but when i switch to pc recording it will probably be better (1080p,because my specs of my pc are;gtx 1050ti,8gig ram,i5 7500 kaby lake,)so if anyone can please tell me the settings for both mobile and pc "time periods" that would be great...thanks ;)

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    Your question about mobile vs PC "time periods" is confusing.  Are you just talking about changing between different settings for mobile vs PC depending on your source?  If so, I wouldn't bother.  Pick one and stick with it.  The "1080p Full HD @ 30 fps" project preset would probably be a good place to start no matter what you're editing.  Then use the YouTube 1080p HD export preset when you're done editing.  

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