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I love the effects included with Ignite Express and I'm thinking about upgrading to the Pro version.  There is one major thing that is a road block for me.  The Ignite plugins are blowing up my menu in After Effects.  Can we get one parent folder for them to all be in instead of one for each category?  It would help to keep things more organized. 

Current AE 2017 Menu


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    @Kevincmimagerycom - I can certainly see why that would be annoying, after talking to the devs about it, this appears to be a limitation of the host. AE does not allow us to group our plug-ins together inside a parent folder, you'll see if you have other 3rd party bundled plug-ins installed (RedGiant, Sapphire... etc) they are displayed the same as us.

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    I know that is was stated that After Effects menu sorting is limited by the host, but please give us an option to have all the plugins in one folder.


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