Hitfilm 2017

I installed 2017 but luckily did not delete HF4. 2017 crashed while just sitting with the project open.  I had updated to latest bug fix version but it obviously still has some issues.

I am also wondering why new version is complaining about my hardware setup. True, my PC is a Lenovo AIO with 8GB ram and could use more GPU but it has worked AOK on Hitfilm4.


  • cougoiur
    cougoiur Posts: 4

    Hello @kentek3141,

    I have a MacBook Pro that also has 8GB of RAM and has a intel i5 processor that clocks at 2.7GHz. Both Hitfilm 4 and Hitfilm 2017 have been working fine with me (for the most part). Your Computer also runs an i5 processor and should be working just fine although the processor speed may be the problem. Hitfilm 2017 allocates (uses) more storage than Hitfilm 4 due to the added features. On my old ASUS Hitfilm 2017 complained that my graphics card was outdated and need replacement. This may be your problem but I may be incorrect. Hope I helped with your problem.

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