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Hello all! 
Now that I've got HitFilm Ultimate (Mac) I can finally start playing around with VFX, the last time I touched VFX in terms of creating an effect from scratch was somewhere in 2010. Since then I've just been using plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X (Which isn't that bad an editor!)
I used to spend hours using Effects Lab Pro/Composite Lab Pro/Vision Lab Studio just creating effects, but never had the proper time to create a short film, nor did I feel good enough showing test creations. Now though, I've been out of college for two years, in a full time job, but I have the time to work on projects now, and I've decided to start getting back into short film creation, Something I love.
So to those who already know me, hello!
To those who don't, hello!
This is my first VFX test I've done in HitFilm so far. I wanted to create an energy ball using Axel's tutorial in preparation for a short VFX test I should be shooting in a few weeks. However I wanted to give the ball more life by adding some form of embers, sadly I couldn't figure out why the mobile emitters are still visible...but baby steps!
(I thrive on criticism, so be the harshest you can be ;) )


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    Welcome back, B3N!
    Mobile emitters particles have their own appearance properties, so if you don't want the mobile emitters to be visible just adjust those as required - eg by lowering their opacity.
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    I did think that was the reason...the day after I exported and uploaded, but was never sure. Many thanks.
    Looks like I'll be doing another tutorial marathon soon!
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