[ANSWERED] Are the Ignite Express plugins in a separate panel?

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After installation and activation, are the Ignite Express plugins now intermixed with the already existing effects, or are they meant to show up in a separate panel?


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    Hitfilm Ignite does nothing for Hitfilm. All Ignite effects are already built in. 

    Ignite adds Hitfilm effects to Ae, Premiere,  Avid, FCPX, Vegas Pro, Resolve, Catylist Edit, Motion, EDIUS, or NUKE, and if you don't have any of those, you can uninstall and delete Ignite Express. 

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    That was... unclear.

    Perhaps that could be mentioned in the next promo?


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    Um. at 50 seconds into the official Hitfilm Launch video, Oli says "...all ten hosts that Ignite supports..."

    at 1:08 Oli says, "...use Hitfilm technology in their OTHER editing software..." (Emphasis added).

    The video description says, "Free plugins, more power. Over 90 amazing plugins to be used in your other editors (not in HitFilm)."

    The Download Hitfilm Ignite Express page shows the icons at the top of the page for the compatible hosts, and, as one scrolls the page it lists exactly which hosts are compatible and which plugins from ignite are compatible with which hosts. As well as this phrase, "Ignite Express 2017 neatly plugs into 10 major hosts to create a hassle-free workflow – and it’s fully compatible with Mac or PC."

    As far as I can tell that's at least four different times and places in which it is expressly (pun intended) stated that Ignite is for not-Hitfilm programs. The Surfaced Studio video promo also notes that Ignite is plug-ins for other hosts, and my own video preview does the same, as well as state "...add Hitfilm effects to ten other NLEs" in the title.

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