Hitfilm not activating, keeps closing down due to some errors.

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I've just downloaded the ignite plugin and did the recent update for hitfilm express 2017. Not sure if those are relevant to the issue, but could there possibly be an issue stemming from doing that?


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    What exactly are the errors you're getting?

    On a side note, if you have HitFilm Express 2017, you don't need the recently-released Ignite Express.  That's a plugin designed for use in other editors.  All of the effects in Ignite Express are already in HitFilm.

  • I am having the same issue, ever since I downloaded the new update. Whenever I open Hitfilm 2017 it says it encounters an problem and has to exit. It doesn't give me an error code for you but it doesn't work anymore.

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    @thewolver1ne @RingkunMori out of curiosity, what are your system specs. CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage?

    First thing to check is that GPU drivers are current. 

  • I've got an 8 core Amd processor, Radeon RX 460 4GB Gpu, 8GB Ram, 1TB harddrive and windows 10

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    Hello, got the same problem: crashs immediately on first startup and doesn't even show an alert on further startups.

    My Specs: Windows 10, Intel Core i5, NVIDIA GeForce 820M, 12GB RAM, ca. 8GB free storage on C: and 250GB on D :. Latest Driver for GeForce installed (GeForce Game Ready Driver 382.53).

  • I finally upgraded to Hitfilm Express 2017, and I'm having issues as well with it crashing immediately. Hitfilm Express 4 still seems to work just fine, so I'm able to still work with that for the time being, until a solution comes around for HFE 2017.

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    A solution can't be found if the crew doesn't know what's wrong, and they won't know what's wrong until you give more details.  What are your system specs?  Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card?

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    @jaspa you need to free up space on your C drive. Assuming that's your OS drive temp and cache files go there. Microsoft recommends leaving 10-20% free space on the OS drive, and for a 128GB drive that's still 12-24GB. That piddly free space is probably causing issues with other software too. 

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