Blog Post: Ignite Express 2017 is out now!

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We've got some awesome news for all you budding filmmakers. Ignite Pro 2017 is getting the Express treatment! We're now giving away over 90 impressive effects to turn your editor into a VFX powerhouse for FREE.



  • Triem23
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    Surprised me, Oli--thought the official release would be in a couple more hours (so I'm still working on the launch video I'm doing to promote on my channel!).

    In the meantime I've flooded the Vegas and Hitfilm groups I'm on on Facebook and other forums to spread the good news.

    Oli's not kidding, folks, I was genuinely surprised at some of what's in the package--a few of the real powerhouse effects like Lightswords, Parallax and Caustics are there.

  • HIS__Films
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    Just got it can't wait to use it, it totally suprised me!

  • iNate
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    Why did you drop support for Vegas 14 in-app integration?

    Is there somewhere we can get a previous version which does work with Vegas 14?  Not interested in 2017 because it not good for workflow.  I don't want to use it as a NLE, just for the compositing.

    Not really interested in the OFX effects.  I tried a few and they felt like the bloatware you get in consumer-grade video editors (no offense).

  • Triem23
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    @iNate Hitfilm did not dtop support for Vegas 14 in Hitfilm Express 2017--Magix did not upgrade Vegas 14 to recognize Hitfilm 2017.

    @Palacono is the keeper of the secret Vegas hack, and I keep expecting him to make a tutorial video so I stop tagging him.

    I'm not certain why you consider workflow in Express 2017 inferior to other versions. Composite Shot workflow in Express 2017 is identical to Hitfilm 4 Express.

    FXHOME is no longer issuing activation codes for earlier versions of the software. If you already had an earlier version you can get your existing code from your account page on this site. 

  • Palacono
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    Not doing a tutorial, too easy to break windows and/or Hitfilm and cause support problems, when FXHome could more easily make the tiny change to the installer. 

  • Triem23
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    We're back around to licensing. FXHOME can't do anything that alters a Magix file. So, back to blaming the Vegas devs. ;) 

  • Palacono
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    It doesn't change anything in Magix/Sony code. It just has to put the Hitfilm config file in the Vegas folder at install, as it always used to.

    The mechanism to pick it up is there in Vegas already; always has been. Then there is apparently some back and forth in the dll file it points to in the Hitfilm folder which tells it to add the menu button. Some mismatched dll versions can make this not appear. This is Hitfilm's doing.

    Depending in which version of Hitfilm you point to and/or which dll is in that folder, you can get it to create/open whichever version of Hitfilm you want. I have mine setup to create HF2u .hfp files so they'll work with any version  of Hitfilm, but it opens up Hitfilm Pro 2017 by default. But to be honest, I no longer remember how I got it to do that. In the past I had it opening up HF3Pro, as some things were broken in Hitfilm 4, but they're mostly fixed in later versions. Except Grading Transfer, which remains broken; but I just use Vegas Color Match instead now, especially as Hitfilm mungles up the colours when using integrated files anyway. Might experiment with swapping around different versions of HitfilmServer or Render Client to see if a newer/older one fixes that; as Grading Transfer worked fine in HFP3pro but broke later, so things can go backwards as well as forwards. 

    So when we still get people asking "how do I get my registration key?" no way is it practical to try and explain all that more fully, especially as it's mostly guesswork and partly forgotten and FXHome would not appreciate any support calls they got from people dabbling. People who are comfortable with poking about have all the clues they need. If they don't understand the clues then that's an indication it's not for them to try. :) 

  • Andersen01498
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    @triem23 or @palcono I have Vegas pro 15 when I add hitfilm effect it opens up hitfilm.  The question is why doesn't the speed from the video translate to Hitfilm.  Meaning I slow down the video in Vegas but when I open hitfilm the video plays normal speed.  2nd question.. .when I add hitfilm effect it only imports the video....meaning the video is only visible in hitfilm editor timeline.  Why doesn't it bring in the audio with it?

  • Palacono
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    Because you are editing in Vegas and so no effects will show in Hitfilm, nor do you need the audio.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @Palacono For the integration to work properly it requires work on both our end and Magix's as well. We could improve the integration but this is true for a lot of things and it requires us synchronizing with the Magix team. This is not to say that we don't want to do it but right now it doesn't seem like a priority since it works in the supported case (Vegas 15 <-> HitFilm Pro).