Hell's Mouth trailer

GKDantasGKDantas Website User Posts: 133
Hi people, this is the final version of the trailer for a short that I did with some friends to learn more about flimmaking, so I thin that the full scene will not see the light because we have a lot of trouble with sound and light (the whole scene took about 7 hours to shoot, so we have problems with natural light), but I did a first version in two days that was a shame but got more them 2000 views in Youtube, and now this is the real final version! Fully edited in HitFilm Ultimate!
Have fun!


  • RobinRobin Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,671 Enthusiast
    Wow, that was impressive work overall! The cinestyle grading is very strong with the orange/teal-push, but it definitely gives it a distinct, stylized look. Can't decide whether to like that or not...  :D
  • GKDantasGKDantas Website User Posts: 133
    Since we just received the new cameras from a public project we dont have time to learn how to use them very well at that time, so I need a lot of post work to get a better color. I used the new cine style that is a very strong and easy tool, just a fell adjustments to get a more orange look because its all about hell and flames.
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