Extruding .png Files Not Working Right

JarinsDigitalMedia Posts: 16
edited November 2013 in Post-production techniques
When I apply the 3D Extrusion effect to a .png file, it works great. I have the extrusion parented to a point, and then I rotate the point so that it works correctly. The point is shifted to one side of the frame (so the image is to one side). As I rotate it, the image disappears (extrusion is still there) just before 90 and 270 degrees, and then appears again just after 90 and 270 degrees.
So far, just .png files do this that I've noticed. Text works fine.
Anyone else seeing this problem? See the attached screenshots.
Is there a better way to do it, or is something not working right?
When I export it to a video, this issue shows up in the video.
I'm running:
HitFilm 2 Express
Windows 7
AMD 7850 GPU (with current drivers)