Quality loss

Hi! I uploaded a Minecraft Video in 1080p 60 frames with my recording software then edited it with Hitfilm 4 express Heres the video


as you can see the game looks better I played the game in Mini Screen mode so it was made in 854x480 But the project I made 1920 by 1080 does that change anything other then the black bars? anyway I exported it like this 


Length 1080

Scale mode: Keep aspect  radio

Frame rate: 30

Aspect radio: square pixels (1.0)

Profile: Main

Level: 5.0

Encoding: Variable bitrate, 1 pass

Target Bitrate: 30

Max bitrate: 50

Please explain why it doest look as clean as the game itself 


  • Triem23
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    Because you made it 225% larger.

    To do a simple explanation, let's say a single pixel wide black line is next to a single pixel wide white line. Now you blow your video up from 480 to 1080...2.25 times larger. 

    So your black line and white line are now 2.25 pixels wide. 4.5 pixels wide together. Hitfilm cannot draw a half pixel, so chances are both lines become 2 pixels wide. Half a pixel is dropped. Additionally, no NLE knows what your image is. It's just colored dots. Chances are any NLE will put grey between the black and white lines, causing apparent blur. Remember, Hitfilm doesn't know what your image is, and, if you make it bigger Hitfilm (and every other digital image program on the planet) is going to have to guess how to fill in pixels, and the default mode is to use colors in between the originals to soften the pixels. 

    In short, scaling images up degrades them. Scaling images up by multiples that aren't multiples up 100% degrades them more. At least you didn't scale by multiples of 1/3. That degrades most of all. 

  • NojoNinja
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    So should I just upload it in 854x480?

  • Triem23
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  • NojoNinja
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     Sorry to keep posting but is there any way to just improve the graphics even if i zoom it in that much?

  • JMcAllister
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    Basically, if you want game recordings at 1920x1080, then you will have to play the game at 1920x1080 or higher

  • Triem23
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    There is no way to scale an image up without some form of quality loss. If there were, it would already be the default method of upscaling. 

    Like JMcAllister wrote, if you want a higher resolution output, you'll need to record higher resolution game play.