Star Wars Kids - The Last Jedi - Our first film with the kids.

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So on Thursday we set out and shot some footage with the kids playuing in dress up with the intention of throwing something together.

Everything went great and a solid 2 days of learning began with Hitfilm. Using the guides (Thanks Axel ;)) i manged to pick things up pretty fast.

Looking forward to creating a weekly video, having alot of fun !

Somethings were a little crude and i learnt alot, IE : lightsabers runnign through trees was difficult so i opted to cheat without masks on moving objects but overall for a debut pretty happy.

Anyway heres the end result :


  • JMcAllister
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    @jameskirstylou looks like it was fun to make

    Some constructive criticism:

    starting at around 1:35 there is a sequence where Kylo is chasing the Jedi through the woods. In pretty much all of those clips the shot starts with nothing in frame, then people run into frame, then out of frame, and then you cut. If you trim the ends of these clips so that you cut away just as people are leaving the frame, and then start the next clip just as people are entering the frame, then the whole sequence will feel more fast-paced and exciting

  • jameskirstylou
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    JMcAllister  for a filming newbie, thats great advice !! and certainly something i will make sure i try next time, it makes perfect sense.

  • CleverTagline
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    @jameskirstylou: Really nice for a first project!  I'll echo the comments about editing pacing.  Another tip to increase tension (even when the actors are only kids) is to use more camera cuts, mixing them up between wide, medium, and close shots.  Watch the way the Star Wars films cut their action scenes.

    I don't do narrative stuff like this much these days, but I did a few back in the day with a good friend, and know to the temptation to use every single bit of footage shot when editing the final piece together. Don't give in to that impulse!  If you want your piece to feel fast-paced and have a good story flow, then you're more than likely going to have some footage you don't use.  Be selective as you edit, and you'll have a stronger end product.

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    For someone who has never done this before, you have done a great job! I especially like the sparks at 3:26.

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