How to open 2 views to edit one and see result in the other?

Let's say i'm using one composite shot as a matte for a layer inside another composite shot. Currently if I double click the matte composite shot it replaces the view with the matte composite shot and I can edit the matte shape from there (expansion, feather strength, etc) but currently I don't see a way to edit those controls and see how they affect the original layer that the matte is nested in. In After Effects I would just press press CTRL+ALT+****+N before going into the Matte and I would have one window with the original shot and another window for the Matte which I could then edit and see the results instantly in the other window. Is there no such feature in Hitfilm Pro 2017?


  • Triem23
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    There is no such feature in Hitfilm. It's on the Wishlist. 

  • jars
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    I see. Thanks!

  • PaulHesh
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    You can float the matte composite shot panel, then click the main comp/layer so it's in the viewer, now go to your floating panel and adjust the matte.

  • Palacono
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    @PaulHesh now, that's genius! 

    I can finally adjust parameters in an embedded composite shot and see them updated in realtime in the viewer of a different composite. :D

    When floating the Viewer to a second monitor, I can finally put something in the gap it leaves behind: Embedded comps, and leave the main ones in the usual place.

    Edit: Hmmm... I can only get the realtime update to work if the embedded composite it still floating. If I dock it to tidy things up, the realtime update doesn't work and it shift focus to the current composite. I then have to shift back to the main comp to see the result. So... an interesting 'feature'. ;)

    Edit2: And it also seems to cause a huge memory grab which is only given back when you exit the program. Shame. :(