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OK, I start this Thread to show some of my videos

For now i work on some Hitfilm-Tutorials

My first "real" video is a first test of a special car presentation
In Germany we call it:  car porn

Filmed with an iPhone and edited in Hitfilm 4 Express
Cutted on beat, with some effects

Thick Bumblebee :

And this one from my 16yo son, car of his cousin
He edited this on his PC without my help.
He loves Hitfilm too


  • George147
    George147 Website User Posts: 7

    Your boy will be editing for Top Gear soon!

  • CleverTagline
    CleverTagline Moderator Las Vegas, NVModerator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,197 Ambassador

    Nice work!  Great variety of shots, and some fun editing to put it all together.

    One quick tip for iPhone shooting.  If you want to include shots with slow pans (like some of the close-ups of car details), but don't have a stabilizer to help you during shooting, consider shooting in high speed mode (assuming you have an iPhone that supports it).  You'll have to move the phone more quickly because you're capturing footage at a higher rate.  After you import it into HitFilm,  edit the clip properties so that it plays at your project frame rate instead of the high speed rate.  Then drag it to your timeline and it'll play in slow motion.  

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