Question about multiple machines.

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Sooo, again I feel silly asking the questions I have; however everyone has been gentle and kind here and I think you all for that.

So my question this time (one I'm sure its already answered itself), is there a way to install express on two machines? I got a new main machine and would like to still use HF one my old one as well; as they will be at different locations. Also, is the Pro License limited to one install as well? Is there any discount for a second install? I know this isn't really how most software works, but I thought I'd ask.


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    Hitfilm Express can be installed on as many machines as you want, but can only be ACTIVATED on one. So only one can export. If you have, say, a laptop and desktop, you could activate the desktop and have that render while you edit on the laptop. You'd need to move projects to the desktop to render. 

    If you have Hitfilm 4 and 2017 Express, 2017 could be active on the desktop and 4 on the laptop. Hitfilm 4 projects can load in 2017, but 2017 projects cannot load in 4.

    Another option is download again using another email addy, but accounts are tied to the downloading email, so you'd have to buy add ons separately for each account. 

    Hitfilm Pro activates on up to three machines. 

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    Triem, that's **** awesome! Also I hope you are getting paid for answering questions at all hours!


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