I made a short documentary about love and prostitutes.


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    Well, this is a bit different to the usual stuff posted here. :)
    Interesting way to approach the subject matter - examining the concept of love by talking with women whose work I think many people would assume has nothing to do with 'love'.
    I found it particularly interesting that a couple of your interviewees expressed frustrations with their own relationships - notably the first lady who dismissed other relationship stuff as 'bullshit'. I did feel like a longer running time would have enabled you to delve more deeply into the subject matter, as you were exploring several themes (what these women do, their own personal lives, companionship, your own experiences with your ex, etc).
    One aspect I wasn't super keen on was some of the cinematography, which was reminded me a little too much of the early DSLR videos, with the extreme shallow DoF and lack of sharp focus. Loved the general look, especially the stuff outside on streets at night, but a less drifty camera style would have been less distracting.
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