HF2017 noticably slower than HF4

VroomreactsVroomreacts Website User Posts: 8

I enjoy the upgrades and improvements in HF2017 a lot, the timeline following the head is a great thing, also scaling from the corner (which should be the default option to scale anyway imo) just to name a few.

There are, however, a couple of things that are really putting me off - firstly it is the import of files, which makes hitfilm 2017 literally freeze for 4 seconds whereas hf4 did these things without a problem. I drag the files into the media panel - and hitfilm2017 dies. Then I want to move the clips into the timeline, again - hitfilm 4 doesn't even bat an eye. With hf2017 I get the same 4 second delay as before. The same is true for creating masks - but this time the delay is a bit shorter. 

It seems that for whatever reason the file in hf4 is available to the user much sooner than in hf2017, 

Another thing is that in hf4 it seemed that the rendering time was about 150% of the video length for me, in hf2017 the same video suddenly renders at 200% of the length of time. I would have really expected the new version to be an improvement over the old one. 


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