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Can you download older versions of Hifilm 2017 Pro from somewhere?


  • Dartanbeck
    Dartanbeck Website User Posts: 13

    Yes, if you've already 'bought' them. I say 'bought' because I only have Express 2, 3, 4, and now this newer 2017(!)

    In my account at HitFilm, I can download 3, 4, and 2017, but 2 is no longer available. Not even sure how I got 2.

    Anyway, go to the "Menu" widget in the upper right of the window you're on right now and click on the widget.

    Now click on Account

    Everything you've ever signed up to get or bought will be available to you.

    As for buying older version, I cannot answer that except with the question: Why? For a lower price maybe? HitFilm Pro has always maintained the lowest price in the industry, so I doubt older version would even be available, let alone less expensive.

    I have purchased three of the add-on packs for Express because I just cannot afford Pro yet. 

    I am still new to HitFilm, not as an owner (of Express), but because my full time work has me outside away from anything resembling a computer (I do stone work), so I haven't finished the footage I want to bring into HitFilm yet - but this community certainly has my inspiration up, so I'm hoping to spend more hours on it as often as possible. Too bad stones are so darned heavy... they make me incredibly tired!

    I hope this helps! ;)

  • KimFrames
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    Thanks for the answer but not what I am looking for. I want an older version of Hitfilm 2017 Pro specifically . From account page you can only download the latest version but not the any of the versions that came before. For example I cant download version 5.0.6007.34105 only 5.0.6511.32872

  • KimFrames
    KimFrames Website User Posts: 31 Just Starting Out

    I found the info I was looking for. You can just change version number in the donwload link to get earlier versions.

  • Dartanbeck
    Dartanbeck Website User Posts: 13

    Oh, I see what you're saying.

    I have this habit of storing all of my install exe files and dumping them into an archive on a giant drive - a drive I originally set up for storing my animation clips, which are not compressed - so tend to clod up my C drive after a short while.

    Sorry for your dilemma. 

    Yeah, I still have every version of 3 and 4 that they've given from the start and the updates. I've never had to go backwards yet though.

  • KimFrames
    KimFrames Website User Posts: 31 Just Starting Out

    Do you happen to know the version number for update 3?  I managed to solve my problem by installing update 1 but would like to know in which update the problem starts. Update 4 was a no-go.

  • Dartanbeck
    Dartanbeck Website User Posts: 13

    I'm talking about Express 3. I don't have Pro.

    The latest update for Express 3 was 3.1.5213.10801

  • fhwb
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  • wizkiwi
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    Could someone please show me how to open my new version of Hitfilm, the icon just disappeared when I changed to the new interface etc. It,s version 12.0.8613 out today

  • triforcefx
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    @wizkiwi not sure why you're posting to this old thread that doesn't have anything to do with your question, but assuming you're on Windows 10, open your start menu and type Hitfilm

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