My Export Page Doesn't Match the Tutorials?? Please help!

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I've been trying to export. Every time I hit the Export tab I see what is on the left, and every tutorial seems to think I should see what is on the right:


I've tried looking every way I can think of and am starting to get really frustrated... Can someone please explain to me what's going on!

I have the latest version of Hitfilms Express...



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    Skip to 28 minutes. 


  • Hey thanks for the reply!

    So I had figured out how to export that way, but what my issue is is that when I click the export tab like at 13:09 in the video, it immediately shows me the screen at 28min in the video, and I can't find the export screen he is talking about from 13-28min anywhere! It's really weird and frustrating... I really like that export interface much better.


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    It's gone. They changed it in 2017.

  • Oh really? Weird... It seems so much easier and more intuitive than the new version. Why would they do that? Am I missing something? I think I might ultimately choose a different video editing software just because of this, which is annoying because hit film seems like a great platform otherwise. It's not so much that it's difficult to export this way, but I question the design decisions of a company that would remove a much more user friendly export version and then not even update the video or written tutorials on their site to reflect and explain this major change... I feel like I'm missing something here...

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    The features of the new Export Queue are basically exactly the same as the old screen, with a different interface.

    Why did they change it? The new Export Queue is better. Period. Under the old style of export you had to actually manually check your settings each and every time you did an export. You could export one single thing at a time. If you had multiple projects to export, you had to wait for the first export to finish, before setting up the next--which, remember, was manually checking your settings for every single export.

    The new Export Queue comes with a selection of presets to cover most common export tasks. You have the ability to now save your own custom preset, which can be reused either by dragging it to the output media or using the drop down menu in the media line.

    A user can now set up multiple exports of multiple different composite shots or entire editing timelines and/or set up a render of the SAME timeline in multiple formats to a list which is persistant across editing sessions.

    The new Export Queue is, objectively, 1000% better than the previous way of doing things. And, in the long run, it's way more user friendly.

    As far as "updated" tutorials, look--Youtube doesn't allow you to modify a video once it's uploaded. Do you honestly expect FXHOME to, what.... redo all old tutorials, to amend them with a new export screen, then delete the old versions and re-upload new ones? That's hundreds of videos. You're also overlooking the fact that there are thousands of users still on older versions like Hitfilm 2 Ultimate and 3 and 4 Pro that use the older export screen. Older tutorials fit for them.

    The User Guide has been updated.... And, more to the point, FXHOME DID a tutorial on the new Export Queue--right after it was introduced in Hitiflm PRO 2017. It's not FXHOME's fault that you missed the tutorial they did.

    Not to mention that there are other tutorials covering the new export Queue. Just like mine, linked above, which covers absolutely everything anyone could possibly need to know about importing and exporting anything from any version of Hitfilm.

    Incidentally, this type of Export Queue was built to fulfill user requests dating back to Hitfilm 2.

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    Agreed @Triem23, The new Export Queue is better. Period, based on the reasons of it.

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    I think you need to computer nerd up the 1000% better statement to 1024%. 

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    @NormanPCN He started out with 1024% but then marketing got in volved.......

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