New GPU made Express rendering times slower

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I have used Hitfilm Express for a while and enjoyed it on integrated graphics (Intel HD 530, to be exact). Some long rendering times and a few gpu-related crashes later, I decided it was time to get a dedicated video card. As a basic benchmark of the new card vs integrated graphics, I made a test: rendering a 30 second HD clip with the motion blur preset. The integrated chip did it in around 4:50.  Then I installed my new gpu (a 1050 ti), and rendering time was far longer (around double the time). Unless I am gravely mistaken, this should not be occurring - according to gpubenchmark, the 1050 ti is around 4.5x faster than what I had. 

Testing was done with Hitfilm 4 Express (I have Express 2017 as well, but used 4 to remain consistent), and my drivers are up to date. Other components: Intel i5 6500 & 8 gb ddr4 ram.   

Does anyone know what is causing this problem? 



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    One thing I'd like to add: the GPU is not defective. I tried running the, which recognized the card, and was able to run on normal settings at around 60 fps. Integrated graphics on my pc have been disabled, so Hitfilm seems to be using my card, just not to its full potential,

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    HitFilm Express 2017, like HitFilm Pro 2017, nows uses a secondary process for exporting. 

    Some users have reported export performance regressions or failures due to the fact the Windows has set the export process to use the integrated GPU and not the discrete GPU.

    See this thread for more information:




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    Thanks for the response, integrated graphics have been disabled in the bios, and there isn't any option to use it in the gpu selection in the Nvidia control panel. Hitfilm seems to be using the 1050 ti, just not fully utilizing it. 

    If this helps, I'm attaching a screenshot of the export process with MSI Afterburner running on the side (I'm using Hitfilm 4 Express as opposed to 2017 to try to keep results consistent with a test I did with integrated graphics previously). 


    As you can see, the highest the gpu usage goes is 70%, while constantly dropping to 1-4%. I don't have any previous experience with Afterburner, so I'm not sure if this looks normal. 

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    Do the iGPU and GPU final results look the same side by side, or does the iGPU have obvious artifacts and the like? That's where I would start.

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    The final results are identical. There are are some artifacts (in the same places) on both, but that's what I'd expect; I used the stock motion blur preset with no adjustments on 24 fps video. 

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    That's very interesting.

    What power supply do you use, make and model?

    The GTX 1050 Ti is waay faster than the HD 530, like it's not even close. Something strange is going on here. 

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    My power supply is a Cooler Master RS500-PCARD3 (500W). 

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    I assume your drivers are up to date as well. That's critical for hitfilm but if you just installed it I guess you would have done that?  

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    Yes. I've actually tried it both with and without updated drivers with no noticeable difference.

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