Laptop For Hitfilm

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I noticed a lot of youtubers I watch use this laptop for video editing but it almost seems a little underpowered. just looking for some others thoughts.


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    That machine is well under minimum specifications for Hitfilm. Hitfilm requires an i3 or higher CPU, and that machine is a Core 2 Duo. 

    If you're in the MAC ecosystem, you basically have almost no choices at all. The highest end Mac Pro laptops are the only ones with dedicated GPUs. Anything lower will have and integrated GPU, which will be at, or near minimum spec. You will not be able to work in 4k with any integrated GPU, and you won't get tge fastest performance in 1080p.

    Sorry, but MAC hardware is particularly underpowered for the price  point. 

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    is there laptops around the $400 price point that you think could run Hitfilm well?

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    If you are looking at PC laptops, focus on models designed for gaming. Aim at the very least for an i5 processor, 1gb video card, and 8gb ram (this will give you at least somewhat decent performance. I no longer own a Macbook, but my former 15" model was an i7, 8gb ram, 1gb dedicated gpu (and that would have hiccups with hitfilm at times).

    If you want to find a super good deal, look at your local pawn shops (it's what I have done the last few years, and I have owned some amazing laptops for dirt cheap in the process).  In your price range I would just get away from the idea of Macs and focus on PC, they give more performance for your dollar. 

    I actually work as a Pawnbroker currently, and just last week we sold a 2014 Alienware 14 that was fully loaded for $400. So before anything, check your local shop. A couple tips to remember; everything is negotiable in price, so if you're serious about buying, they are serious about making you an amazing deal.

    The last tip is that most pawn shops offer Layaway, so if it is more then you have, you set up payments (which means you can end up with something much better, but might just have to wait a couple of paychecks to pay for it).


    Hope this helps, apologies for the lengthy response.

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    I own a Lenovo 100s, SATA SSD 256GB, 4GB RAM, Celeron N3150 @1.60GHz, 64-bit system. Apparently way under minimum specs but it does not crash on launch, just exports very (VERY) slowly. Any way to speed up the thing or should I get a new laptop? If so, any recommendations?

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    @coruscantfilms if there were ways to improve performance on underspec machines those lower specs would BE the minimum. 

    New machine? What's your budget? Poke around on this forum because there are two or three threads a week on this same topic. I'm about to go see a movie, so I am personally too lazy to retype a really long breakdown I made Saturday.