Hybrid between key animation and track animation on videos?

I'm trying to do silly edits like editing in moving faces/pictures onto videos. I've done it frame by frame before with sony vegas, but I was wondering if I can also use the motion tracking for more stability? The thing is though is that I want the faces to be dynamic at certain points.

Here's an example of what I want to do (I'm sorry I was not able to find a better example):

I want my images to move, rotate, scale, and switch out faces. Can I combine the two, or should I just stick with key frames?

Also! I was wondering how I can cut off unwanted motion tracking if it goes over a certain section of the clip?




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    with hitfilm pro you can use mocha.

    with hitfilmexpress try to use 2 tracker (for ex. left and right eye) with x,y, scale etc. and parenting it to a newpoint, and parent this newpoint to your face-layer. all tutorials for motion tracking: http://hitfilm.com/video-tutorials#/motion-tracking

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    I don't feel like watching the Vegas tutorials, and I assume it's all manual animation, either in Pan/Crop or 3D Track Motion,  to align the face overlay. 

    I'm assuming you are working in Hitfilm Express with no add-ons. If you are in Pro or have the Mocha add on, let me know, because you'll have other options besides what I am about to discuss. 

    In Hitfilm you can use tracking to make your life easier.  

    First, duplicated your source video. Name one copy "Tracker Data," and the other "Stabilized."

    Second, you are going to track your Tracker Data video clip. Depending on the movement of the actor you might need a one point or two point track. Where to set the tracking points is what's important to how easy the rest will be. Try the outside corners of the eyebrows with a 2-point tracker. However you might need to track shoulders or something else if the actor has too much head movement. 

    Once your footage is tracked, use the tracker data to stabilize the (obviously) "Stabilized" video layer. Turn off "Tracker Data."

    Now, the Stabilized layer should be frozen around your face. Add in your overlay layers and do whatever animation you're doing (I'm guessing your overlay might have eye and mouth animation?). 

    Once you have your overlay completed create a point (name it Overlay Track)  and parent your overlay layer(s)  to it. 

    Return to your Tracker Data layer. Select the track you've already created, make certain position, scale and rotation are checked then select Transform and the point layer you've parented your overlays to. 

    Turn on the Tracker Data video and make certain your overlays are on top. 

    Create a new point. Call this Overlay Correction. Parent Overlay Track to Overlay Correction. Move Overlay correction into position over your actor's face. 


    For further information on tracking and parenting there are tutorials on the Hitfilm channel on YouTube. Or, download the manual.