Hitfilm express 2017 video stuttering problem

Hi! So I experienced stuttering in my video. The original video is really smooth but when I upload it to hitfilm it starts to stutter a bit. I thought that maybe it's only in the project...but no. I rendered the video and effect was the same. Moreover, there's no such a problem in hitfilm 4 epress.

*for both projects (hf 4 and hf 2017) I used the same settings.

I would really like to know how to slove this issue because I'd like to buy an additional pack. I can't do it now because I'm afraid that my videos will keep stuttering in the future.


  • Yeremyah
    Yeremyah Posts: 995 Enthusiast

    Upgrades usually mean the need for more power.

    I believe this all comes down to your GPU.

    I am starting to get the same with my NVIDIA GTX 960, the more upgrades of software are done, the closer I get to having to get a new more powerful GPU.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,590 Ambassador

    What is the frame rate of your original footage, your project settings and your export settings? 

    Also,may as well have you list your,  CPU,   GPU,  OS, RAM and storage.