Luts for Nikon?

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Hi guys

I'm just trying to understand about Luts. I would like to get some decents Luts for my Nikon d3300. So I have a few questions:

- Can I apply any Luts to my clips as long as they are of the format .cube?
- Or should I avoid Luts that are camera specific (i.e. not meant for Nikon)?
- Can anybody recommend decent Luts for Nikon cameras?

Any other help would be much appreciated and hopefully the above makes sense.



  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    LUTs are basically transforms, so the results depend a lot on what you feed them. Like if you put chicken in a microwave it gets hot, but ice cream would melt.

    Input LUTs need to be camera specific to work predictably. You want to use an input LUT to transform your footage into a known color space and gamma curve, so that you can use creative LUTs on that result, and then use output LUTs to translate to the viewing medium's color space and gamma, like Rec709 or DCI-P3. (Usually, Rec/BT 709).

    I know that HitFilm support .cube files, but it probably will import most of the standard LUT formats fine. I don't use LUTs much, so I've only tried .cube files.


  • TriFlixFilms
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    Made this last week. I was intimidate by using LUTS for a very long time, but they are super easy and make everything look better!

  • mr_tkmk
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    @WhiteCranePhoto - thanks! Seems I have a lot to learn.

    @TriFlixFilms - thanks for the video. I'll check it out.