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I just downloaded hitfilm 2017 Express and am very much excited about the development of the software - great job. One thing that is bothering me though is as follows:

My Lumix GF3 shoots MTS files at 50i. In order to import these directly I would need the Premium file format package, 10 Euro are really not much of a problem. The thing that keeps me using HandBrake instead of getting the premium format package is the fact that when making 30fps videos I am not able to get the speed right. With Handbrake I just set 30 fps constant, export to mp4 and the job is done. With Hitfilm 2017 the clip is messed up as far as timing is concerned. It is much too fast when I import a 50i clip, even when I uncheck file timing and set the MTS to go 25 fps or 20 fps the timing is still weird. 

So my question is as follows:

Why do I have to adjust the 50i MTS file when Hitfilm knows I want to import into a 30 fps timeline (I said so in the project settings already) and there is very little chance that I want a chipmunk version of the imported media.  Can you please tell me if getting the package (premium formats) will solve the problem and why the software actually discourages me to purchase the add-on by making it difficult to get the result I want?


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    Vroomreacts Posts: 8 Just Starting Out

    I gave it a shot and bought the package. It turns out to work as intended, the file imports and works nicely. Great job.

    On the flip side - it is really confusing to be able to import something that is supposedly not supported before you buy the add-on. Glad to see Hitfilm is reliable quality even though sometimes things get a bit confusing.