Help with Polar Warp

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Trying to make a tutorial for HitFilm Users based off of the AE tutorial.

I am stuck at 5:04 when he uses Polar Coordinates (Polar Warp in HF) and selects 'rect to polar'... how would I do this in HF?

The closest I could get to the effect was by setting the start radius to 1024 and the end radius to 0, but this doesn't quite match up.

The guy trying to make a tutorial is asking for help... I know lol



  • Triem23
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    The "Rect to Polar" is the default in the Polar Warp effect. Polar to Rectangular is done by hitting yhe Invert button. 

    I haven't watched Wren's tutorial yet, but you might just need to reduce the size of your source media to fit into 1024px.

    Are you in Express or Pro on this one? Unimportant, I think. Try inputting 1920 (assuming that's your media width) directly in the radius field. Some (not all) effects fields can accept numeric output beyond the range of the sliders. I don't remember if Polar Warp is one of those. 

    TRIFLIX Columbus, INPosts: 927 Enthusiast

    Here's a screen shot, the world is round in a similar manner. When I apply the de-fisheye and increase the FOV it zooms in on the center rather than expands the outer edges. If I hit inverse, increasing FOV zooms out of the entire video. Do you know what other effect I could apply to increase the video from the edges so the sky fills my matte?@triem23