Transformers style title animation help

I was hoping someone might be able to assist me on this. I've had HitFilm for a while but I've never really done anything major with it and thus am still pretty much a noob, especially at titles. I have a video project I'm planning to start production on this summer and I'd love to be able to have a title animation like the Transformers movies, where block sections morph together into the title. Something like this. Bonus if it can then morph into another title. (Like it first morphs into 'Transformers' and then it morphs again into the subtitle of the film.)

I've found a fair share of templates on YouTube, but they're all for After Effects or some other program. Nobody seems to have done one for HitFilm yet. Anyone have any helpful tips to get me started? Thank you ahead of time.


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     At first blush you would probably want to do do this type of effect in a bona-fide 3D package (such as Blender -it's free).  Then render out an image sequence and bring that into HF for compositing over background layers and grading.

    In theory, you could accomplish something similar with atomic particles in HF, but you would have finer grain control of pieces assembling in a 3D pkg.

    That said, whatever method you use, you will want to start with all the pieces assembled first and keyframe that as the last keyframe in your animation.  Then work your way back to the start of the animation - pulling apart pieces to keyframe their starting point (away from their ending position) at the front of the animation. 

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    for the text: 3d extrude the text-layer and the use reverse shatter effect...

    its maybee not the high-quality-hollywood woow effect but you must not learn blender.

    for  earth-view you must improvise with sphere effect

    for meteor trail you must have the hitfilmpro version witch particle simulator