Key grade like in the VisionLab software


I'm currently making the transition from the Visionlab era to Hitfilm and still a bit new to it.

In Visionlab there was really useful feature called 'key grade' where you could alter a mediocre green screen clip e.g. saturate the green more, improve the contrast etc... so you could get a really good key but not effect the clip after you remove the green.

I just wondered if Hitfilm had the same or equivalent feature?



  • Pixelboy
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    HitFilm doesn't have dedicated Key Grading tools, but you can do the same thing if you grade your footage using the existing  Curves/Levels and Saturation tools, and then key it. All you'd have to do then is duplicate the footage, remove all the effects, and then use the "Set Matte" effect to use the transparency data from your keyed layer. I've never actually tried this before, but I'm quite sure it could be made to work. You might have to make your graded and keyed layer into its own composite shot in order to use it in the Set Matte effect.

  • JMcAllister
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    @PWR82 I have tried @Pixelboy 's method before, and it does work. But you do need to use either an embedded composite or a grade layer.

    Takes a little longer to set up than what you were asking for, but you have much more control since you can use any combination of grading and keying effects to get the matte that you want.

  • PWR82
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    Thanks guys, I  appreciate the advice:)