Yet more teleportations!

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I can’t help myself: I just have to keep creating new teleportation effects! If I've counted correctly, there are nearly 90...

Starting at 5:01, I have added effects inspired by:

  • Harry Potter Aperate
  • Conversion into an energy cloud
  • The Matrix
  • Charmed (sorry, no sound effects):
  1. Ash teleportation
  2. Fading
  3. Beaming
  4. Glistening
  5. Orbing
  6. Shredding
  7. Black Orbing
  8. Sparkling
  9. Dusting
  10. Sand teleportation
  • Green flame created by Light Sabre effect

At 6:38, I’ve modified the first Nightcrawler effect; see if you can spot the difference.

As always, everything has been created using HitFilm Pro, this time version 2017, plus plug-ins.


  • Andy001z
    Andy001z Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 2,981 Ambassador

    WOW you like your teleportation effect. What is the one at 5:28 that looks really treky and slick.

  • Aladdin4d
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    edited May 2017

    @Andy001z This is THE definitive list of HitFilm teleportation effects so bookmark it. subscribe etc etc!

    @Spoc36 Great additions and changes as usual Sir!

  • Spoc36
    Spoc36 Website User Posts: 9

    Aladdin4d: Why thank you, Sir. You have quite turned my head!

    Andy001z: I have a clean plate consisting of nothing more than a clipped-out image of myself against a transparent background. I use this as a basis for the effects against another clean plate without me. I created a point layer, to which I anchored the clip.

    I then used the Atomic Particle effect on the image, spreading it out and moving the point layer to right. Having determined how it looked as a dematerialisation, I then reversed the beginning and end points of the motion, as well as the dispersion of the Atomic Particle effect.

    Do you want me to create a tutorial, showing how I did it?

  • JMcAllister
    JMcAllister Website User Posts: 599 Just Starting Out

    @Spoc36 just a guess but I think @Andy001z was referring to the one before that...

  • Triem23
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    Still a must watch for anyone doing teleport effects. So many ideas here. 

  • Spoc36
    Spoc36 Website User Posts: 9

    JMcAllister: In that case, here it goes.

    I took the same plate with my image on it and created a composite shot from it. This image has a mask, which I copied.

    I then added a particle simulator layer and pasted the mask onto it. I removed the original media, since I no longer needed it. Once I had set up the particles to appear how I wanted them, I expanded the mask by 14 pixels and added 54 pixels of feathering in both directions. The work on the composite was now complete.

    I also have a basic composite shot for vanishing and another for reappearing. They consist of a clean plate background, the clip of me, and a second clip for the shadow on the side. The latter two have the opacity changed by keyframes to cause a fade effect.

    I took the vanishing composite and created a new one, to which I added the composite with the particle simulator, starting it at half a second. I added the blur effect to the simulator composite, starting it a 0 pixels at the one second mark and increasing it to 350 at two and a half seconds in the vertical direction. From  the two second mark, I keyframed a fade-out of the opacity from 100% to 0% over the next half second.

    In the meantime, I keyframed the opacity of the clip of me from 100% to 0% over half a second from the one second mark. The opacity of the shadow section went from full to zero from the one to two second marks.

    And voilà, you have the orbing effect (or, at least, my version of it).

  • Eliezerlow312
    Eliezerlow312 Website User Posts: 78

    I was wondering how you did the aperate effect. I've been wanting to do that for a while.

  • Bry_man
    Bry_man Website User Posts: 79 Just Starting Out

    certainly shows whats possible ;)

  • spydurhank
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  • StormyKnight
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    @Spoc36 - Now that's a lot of teleportation! They look great too! Did you suffer from any side effects?

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