How do I adjust several pictures together in HitFilm ?

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Yesterday I tried to create a "Hyperlapse" - effect. I downloaded MagicLantern on my Canon EOS 700D, activated the Intervallometer and took 180 pictures of the moving sky.

Now, while editing, I found out, that I`m limited to 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is completely fine for me, but the resolution from my camera is 5184 x 2912. So, now there is always just a part of my picture shown in the movie. There is a way to reduce the resolution with just making the picture smaller by hand. But I dont look forward to do this to all of the 180 pictures. Is there any way of cropping all the pictures into the right format without loosing too much quality or parts of the images?

Im thankful for any advice!


(using HFExpress if it matters)



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    You can turn the photo to a 3d layer in a composite and push it back in 3d space to get it where you like then copy those settings and paste on each or scale it down to fill the frame and do the same with settings.  But it's all going to be one photo at a time, I think.

    Edit: Just a head's up, HF Pro 2017 allows for picture size up to 8K which covers a LOT of camera outputs.  If you edit vertical photos and turn them sideways you lose no size at all and the effects you can apply really up the editing. Of course, the effects are there in express too.

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    Load all the images in as an image sequence. They'll need to be renamed/renumbered to end in 000 to 180.

    Use the Bulk Rename Utility if you don't fancy doing it by hand.

    Then once you've loaded them in as an image sequence - the folder must contain nothing but the images or Hitfilm gets upset -  they can be manipulated as a single entity on the Editor Timeline to fit the frame size of 1920x1080.

    Image sequences are loaded by selecting the little > next to the Import button and selecting Image Sequence. Point at the folder the images are in, not an actual image.

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    You don't need to use a 3D layer and push back in space to get a large photo to fit 1080. Just use the scale function in the transform property group. Palacono's suggestion to import the stills as an image sequence is probably best since you will only have one item to scale/adjust and not 180 separate items.

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    Image sequence is the way to go, especially since that way you can stabilize. 

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    [{"insert":"Once you have the image sequence all the size you want, how do you move them, let's say to the bottom left corner of the video? I can only move 1 at a time still\n"}]
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    @McSqueeze your question has been answered here:

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