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Hey guys!

I am new to Poser and actually new to 3D Modelling. But to begin i would like to ask a question to understand if this tool is going to help me or not.

So here we go. Is it possible to Import Images(jpg or png) of cloths from your camera and make a model wear those cloths?



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    If you mean Hitfilm, you would want to use PNGS to have transparency around the clothing intact and overlay them over the model layer.  But it's going to be a little like paper dolls with a live person.  There's not really a way to wrap those clothes around the model that I know about.  If the model is moving you'll need to apply tracking as well.

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    @LivetoLearn Poser is a 3d model possing tool, used to make and I believe animate models. Hitfilm is a media editing and compostiting software, if you want info on 3d modeling with Poser, your best bet would be to hit the Poser forum (no idea where that is). If however you want help with posing 3d Models in Hitfilm that is a different question.

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    thanks for your response guys and 3d Models in Hitfilm -Is what i am looking for and might need some advise or videos if you guys have any?


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