Does exporting the same video a few times make it lower quality?

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Let's say I have a video clip. I drag it on the timeline in the editor and add an image in the left up corner, I export the project and name it "Project1.mp4". Then, I do the same with "Project1.mp4", but I add a different picture in the left down corner and export it again. I do the same with other corners (please ignore the fact that I could just add all of the pictures in the corners at first and then export it once). Does the video quality fall?


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    Every time you encode to a lossy format you lose some quality. That loss may not be visible to the human eye if you encode to very high bitrates. MP4/AVC/H.264 export in Hitfilm is lossy. Exporting to Cineform/Prores (Pro 2017) can have very little loss over multiple generations.

    If you encode to a lossless format and import that then you lose no quality. Lossless formats are PNG and EXR image sequences. JPEG image sequences are lossy. On Windows, exporting to uncompressed AVI format is lossless. With lossless format the output files will be quite large.

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