can hitfilm replace vegas pro entirely

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I am thinking of moving away from vegas pro 13 and not upgrade to the vegas pro 14. I see that hitfilm has now evolved into an editor/compositor but I am unsure as its being sold as an item with full integration with vegas pro 14 so I dont know why and what one can do that the other cannot. Vegas has been ok while it had a reasonable upgrade price but for an asking price of 350 euros to upgrade the suite version right now seems excessive having paid 180 while under sonys ownership. So my choice could be to keep using vegas pro 13 along with dvd architect. What do hitfilm users use instead of dvd architect? or do all hitfilm enthusiasts own vegas as well. I know I dont want to pay the 60 euros a month for adobe products. Anyway I would welcome your thoughts as the availability and scope of products has changed a lot over the past couple of years. I am just a hobbyist and currently have a hitfilm 2 ultimate licence which I got with vegas pro 13 suite which obviously gives me a good upgrade price to hitfilm pro.

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