Where's the documentation?

This might sound like an odd question, particularly from someone who's been using HFP for several years (though hardly frequently), but where can I find details of what the controls do?

For example, I've been playing with Neon Path and I couldn't figure what certain controls do. In particular I couldn't work out any way to adjust the "Liquify" preset. I can't find any reference to Neon Path at all it in the Reference Manual other than it's new in HPF2017. (This is the reference manual I'm sent to if I click help or via the main hitfilm.com website | Documentation.)

Am I missing something - I'm sure I've seen this sort of detailed explanations somewhere before ...?



  • NormanPCN
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    The docs on most of the effects in Hitfilm do not list info on the various controls of the effect and what they do. Mostly you just have to play with (adjust) the controls and see what changes on screen to figure out what does what to what.

    I've used Neon Path once. My use was kinda on point. A flickering neon sign type thing.

    @AxelWilkinson has been expanding the docs quite a bit since the release of 2017. Not so much yet in the effects list. Mostly the app itself to date. The docs are still a work in progress.

  • TimStannard
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    Well, at least I'm not missing something obvious! Thanks.

    Can anyone shed any light on where the "liquify" parameters can be controlled within the Neon Path?



  • NormanPCN
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    "Liquify" is a preset. There are no parameters named Liquify. So a preset is just setting one or more properties within the effect. Neon path has a lot of properties so it takes a bit to go through.

    Quickly looking at Liquify, it adds a fair amount of distortion to the core and also adjusts the noise properties of the distortion. That is probably the most unique thing Liquify has relative to other presets.

    As I said, you have to play with the controls to see what they do and get the look you want. Looking at Liquify you quickly see the letters/path are distorted.  Inside the "core" property we see a property group named Distortion.

    What is it you wanted to change about the Liquify preset. The distortion, the flicker, the inner glow, the outer glow, or ?