How do I create these effects in Express?

a) The regeneration effect from Doctor Who. I would like a method which involves

- changing the intensity of the beams so it can be gentle like:


Or a more harsher, more explosive effect like this:

-Changing the colour of the regeneration energy so it's like this:

-I would also like to know how to accomplish the face morph effect, as though the face transforms from one Doc to another.

b) The Wolverine healing effect

The one where the wound closes itself up, and when it pushes the bullets/shrapnel out like in Logan.

c) The Vortex Manipulator effect in Doctor Who.

Not the RTD era effect, but the one they used in Day Of The Doctor:

Remember, all of this. Express. No add-ons. 


  • tddavis
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    @Fulcrum2016  I can only give you an idea how I would approach a couple of the effects you listed.  They may not be the right way or the best way.

    1)  As far as the morph faces goes, I think the best thing to do would be to shot both faces as tight as possible without very much background or lower body showing from a tripod mounted locked camera.  Record first person trying to center the frame on their nose.  Do the same with the second actor and bring them into a composite first actor on top.  If they are of different heights instead of moving the camera use something to adjust heights to match leaving the background in the frame the same way for matching as close as possible when you keyframe the opacity of  actor 1 to fade down to reveal actor 2.  Add some glow to actor 2 layer that keyframes out as the switch is made.  By keeping the camera locked on the background and not having much body showing the switch should be smoother.

    2) For the Wolverine healing effect you would use a similar method except your layers would be a shot of the wounded body part tracked with Hitfilm tracker and a PNG layer of the wound effect over it parented to the track.   You can use layers in GIMP or your photo software to create a series of PNGs (about 12 for 24 frames per second 15 for 30) showing the wound getting smaller (healing) and import this as a sequence or make a video out of it setting each frame to last 2 secs.  If you go the sequence route, you will want to duplicate each frame and number them so it's Frame 0001, Frame 0001, Frame 0002, Frame 0002, etc.  The other thiing to do is just use one PNG  and keyframe a mask around it getting smaller every few frames

    Hope this gives you a jumping off point, and I'm sure others can offer better solutions.

    As far as the regeneration, @inScapeDigital did this awesome tutorial for 3 Pro but he might have some suggestions on doing it in Express.  He's preparing to go to work overseas so he may not be able to respond but I tagged him just in case.


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    @Fulcrum2016 you have also asked for quite specific and detailed effects tutorials in the past and I don't know if anyone has been able to show you how to do those, but did you succeed in doing what you wanted to do? Have you anything that shows you achieved the results you were looking for?

  • Uhm for the vortex manip effect, I have done something- a little idea I could add to the static effect. A picture of me in the background, which cuts into a plain version of the background- no people. So it's like a flicker in and out effect, at veerrry fast rates.

  • @Palacono How questions I have asked in the past are progressing:'

    I have somewhat succeeded in using the bulge effect to pull off the hyperspace-oh-snap-it's-the-rebel-fleet effect.

    Portals, I am toying around with at the moment. It looks good so far.

    As for the Superman laser, I am still trying to figure out how to make the beam continous. 

  • Palacono
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    I don't know what the Superman laser entails, but did you try something like Lightning - with all the wiggles and branches turned down? That can be continuous, glows, follows a pair of points, can have one end thicker than the other (for perspective etc.)

  • JMcAllister
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    @Fulcrum2016 for the vortex manipulator, obviously you will need to first separate foreground from background, but after that it looks like TV Damage + Lightning should get you pretty close pretty quickly. TV Damage is in destruction add-on pack I believe