Can you use Ignite in Hitfilm 4 Express (Resolved)

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This may sound like a dumb question, but I couldn't find an answer elsewhere:"Can you use Ignite in Hitfilm 4 Express?"


  • Palacono
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    No, Ignite is for use in other non-Hitfilm programs and contains (pretty much) the Effects that are built into the Pro version. 

    You can buy Addons for Express. Although I think there are more in Ignite than are available to buy for Express due to it not able to use 3D models or the Particle system.

  • Triem23
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    @Palacono well, Ignite doesn't deal with particles and models either, but, yeah, Ignite has effects Express doesn't have as add-ons. 

  • Palacono
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    @Triem23 Yeah, I didn't explain that well, but I was also additionally wrong in that Ignite does have Atomic Particles (not to be confused, as I have a tendency to do, with The Particle Simulator) but you can also buy that (Atomic Particles, that is) as an Addon for Express in the Audio Visual Pack. So, fractally deformed things warping and wiggling about to music and all that good stuff. :)

    et voila!

    Audio-visual pack

    Generate trance-inducing waveforms or old-school bar equalizer graphics with audio-powered spectrum and waveform patterns. Customize any pattern or shape to get the perfect look. Learn more…

    Audio spectrum
    Generate dynamic spectrum visuals set to music.
    Audio waveform
    Switch between graphs, lines and dot patterns for audio-dependent waveform patterns.
    Atomic particles
    A stunning grid-based particle system that moves to music and custom animations.


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