Laptop Recommendation

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I apologize sincerely if you folks get this question a million times a day, but I'm a newbie and trying to pick a new laptop is making my head spin. I need halp! Haha.

I need something that can run Express. It's going to be mostly for doing 10-minute YouTube videos with some green screen and compositing (mostly goofy stuff, not anything terribly sophisticated).

My budget is at most $1000, but preferably less. I know a desktop would be cheaper, but I'm away from home a lot and want to be able to edit wherever. I'm not opposed to longer rendering times, but the program itself needs to run smoothly.

I found this:

And it seems to be a pretty good deal. But the model I can afford (FHD | 16GB | 1TB) does not have SSD and I'm wondering if that would be a dealbreaker. What should I be prioritizing (CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD)?

Anyway, thanks for any help you all can offer me. I want to get started editing so badly but I'd hate to make a poor investment.



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