Multiple clips into a composite shot

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In my edits I try to sync the audio to the video, and when I play a composite shot the audio just isnt there, so this means I cannot use composite shots for most of my edits. I am asking whether I can make the music play in the composite shot (from the original editing panel) OR if I can grab bits of a clip that I have already cut up, and applied effects to, and put them into a composite shot. Sorry for the flurry of questions, but I am quite a noob at this,

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  • CowboyBob
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    I'm not really understanding what problems you are having with audio, as I have no similar issues, however, you can add audio tracks to the editor timeline, to a composite shot, and you can put your other composite shots into a new composite shot for further manipulation....

    RAYODEJANEIRO Website User Posts: 8

    never mind, I found a way that the audio in the composite shot would mirror that in the editor timeline, when you make the composite shot you need to select "copy properties from editor timeline" or something

  • Andy001z
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    So my understanding of the Editor is you can load media (videos, pictures, sound, music) to the tracks, these can also be new composit shots that you have created using the NEW > COMP option. Or you can create a new compostie shot from the exisiting media by right clicking on it and selecting MAKE NEW COMP SHOT. As you rightly found out you then get the option to move the effects and poperties from the editor into the comp or not. Any sound linked to your media in the editor (i.e a movie with sound embedded) are automaticly linked, you can unlink this so both can move freely from each other. You might want to do this to cut the audio up, change the in/out points or just replace with something new. You can do all that in the editor, you can of course do it in the comp to, but as I found out recently it is best to leave sound to last waiting until you have the effects and shot looking like you want, then apply the audio. This means your scene is 'locked down' and the audio can be put ontop without the risk of what is on screen moving.

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