The Vanquisher Spaceship

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Hi Guys,

Lately been working on building a concept design of future auto rickshaw. Build the model in blender along with texture. Have been using hitfilm to add light beams using lightrays effect. Tried best to give beam like look but this is the best I could do. Also lot of green screens and masking haa gone into this one. What do you guys think? Still many shots to add.


  • zoo
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    Great work, I wanted to watch this again! A few comments - the opening sequence might be paced faster.
    Between 0.58 – 1.40 the foreground seemed too dark in scene 1 road surface, and scene 2 right and left side of computer screen.
    Green light on rickshaw model adds atmosphere but bleaches out details. How about green search light moving through early morning mist?
    Other viewers may disagree with these suggestions.